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Veronique and/or Vee.
Intern at theGRID; hybrid arts collective
Curator of Onewall in the MARS Gallery
Personal. | Bull. | Instagram: veevee014

I feel as though this must be said, for my own benefit:

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I cried for so long last night.┬áMy mother heard me crying, she came in and said it hurts her to see me like this. She said the best thing for me to do is to be happy with who I am, and if no one accepts me for that, then they aren’t worth my time. It’s all stuff you usually hear, but never really listen too. I listened this time though. I do need to focus on myself more. I need to do things for me, not to make other people happy.

One of my goals that I need to work on this year is to get more confidence within myself. I want to start a dance class. I secretly love to dance, but I refuse to do it seriously because I’m too shy. I really want to try and start to change that this year.