Well hi,

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Veronique and/or Vee.
Intern at theGRID; hybrid arts collective
Curator of Onewall in the MARS Gallery
Personal. | Bull. | Instagram: veevee014

I’m determined to get rid of negative thoughts. They rule my whole day sometimes and it gets exhausting. There is nothing worse than someone who can’t stay positive. I suck the fun out of things, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to be an adventurous, outgoing, fun-filled person who can and will say yes to anything. I want to experience things in my life, and die knowing that I have. 

I’m too young to sit here and complain about the little things that ruin my day, because I have many more days to come. I want to fill my days with things I love so I have nothing to complain about and more things to look forward too.

It’s always ‘Oh, I don’t feel like working today.’ To which this beautiful person said to me ‘Just don’t go, why do something that makes you unhappy?’